Raven Ridge Farm sits on 3 acres with 1.5 acres in production of diversified vegetables. The land is rich with history of producing delicious organic vegetables for over 20 years. The model that we follow is primarily CSA or farm share, the Kalispell Farmers Market, and some wholesale. The CSA is a 21-23 week season with a variety of seasonal vegetables. 

Cassady Daley is a 24 year old who was drawn to Montana in 2011 by the illusive charm of endless adventure that the state held. In 2015 she received her BS in Sustainable Foods and Bioenergy Systems (SFBS) at Montana State University. During her time, she was active as VP for the SFBS club Friends of Local Foods. She studied abroad in Peru and Ghana during her third year at MSU in 2013-2014. Her studies abroad had an emphasis on agriculture and traditional methods as well as agriculture in the developing world. She implemented a student led garden at a non profit school in Ghana and worked with students on nutrition education. Cassady graduated from her program with the award for “Outstanding Graduating Senior” and quickly left Bozeman to pursue farming. 

Nathan Christianson is a 25 year old who attended the University of Texas at Austin on a track and field scholarship and aspirations to be a geologist. Quickly he was steered towards geography where there was more flexibility in his studies and more of a focus on sustainability rather than non-renewable resources. His interest grew in local food as he began volunteering on local farms around Austin and his interest as a collegiate athlete dissolved. Nathan spent his final summer of college interning on a small, organic vegetable farm in Eureka, Montana. In 2013 Nathan graduated with a degree in cartography and a resume that speaks for his passion in sustainability. His eyes were set on learning more about small scale agriculture in Montana. After two more years as an employee on area farms he met Cassady and their opportunity to run a farm of their own became a possibility.

Nathan and Cassady had managed Raven Ridge Farm for two seasons while exploring the opportunity of owning the farm. After the summer of 2016, a season of long days and nights balancing the farm with off-the-farm-jobs and the addition of Willa, the farm puppy, Raven Ridge Farm became their own beginning in 2017. 

Our goal is to work hard, grow food, and continue learning so that our community can enhance their connection with their food. We’re focused on a high quality product by putting forth a high quality effort. We take pride in what we do for our community and farm-ily. 


Small-Scale. Certified Organic. Freshly Harvested. Fully Loved.

Raven Ridge Farm