Some Snow Remains

We wanted to start off by thanking everyone who got out to participate at Free the Seeds. It is amazing to be a part of the community connection with food. Whether you’re growing food in a garden or supporting local farmers, you are supporting a better food system in our valley. 

After a long streak of snow storms, we are finally feeling spring vibes budding at the farm. There are birds chirping harmoniously and even that one bird who's song sounds like “cheeeesee-burrger” has been playing its tune. In the valley, the blanket of snow is slowly being pulled back to reveal a new chapter in the book of the seasons. Anticipation of luscious vegetation made with love for you is in each inhalation. 

We’ve got many seedlings popping up in our cozy make-shift greenhouse. Can you imagine being a seed? Sitting in dormancy with stored up energy that is released once water reaches the seed. It imbibes water, ruptures, and releases energy to push a small sprout to the surface before it gets some reprieve from the process of photosynthesis for further growth… It’s amazing that seeds can do this!

Every time we look into our greenhouse space more green has emerged. This spring has been slow to come but we are finally seeing progress and getting ready to start our high tunnel operation. With winter lingering longer then the past few years, we’ve gotten anxious to get planting for our CSA. With the longer days, more is accomplished on the farm. Our barn has all three sides completed and we are getting our processing station and walk-in-cooler ready to go. 

Last weekend, Nathan went to a workshop in Missoula for farm law and brought back useful information for us to consider in our ownership of the farm. We’ve also had our official training with a program called “Care Farming” where we will be hosting 1-3 disabled or troubled youth to work on the farm once a week. Our decision to participate was based on the belief that farms can be a relaxing environment as well a giving people a sense of purpose. 

In the coming months, we will be working hard to bring you, our community, the best food that we can offer… and we couldn’t be more excited!!!